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Stairlift Costs Staffordshire

Stairlift Costs Staffordshire

To give you accurate stairlift costs Staffordshire including installation we need some details about the staircase that you need it installed on. Please complete the questionnaire below so that we can give you an accurate stairlift costs Staffordshire including installation.

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You have 3 options available when it comes to getting a stairlift installed at your home as follows:

New Stairlifts – This is the most costly option and you will need to go through a manufacturer or registered installer to get a quote, installation or repair, the problem with this may be yoru location and if the manufacturer has any installers locally or if they are sending someone in from a national centre miles away. No doubt you will get great service on the initial install but it is if the service levels are maintained that well when small problems arise is sometimes the problem.

Used Stairlifts – It is now quite regular that we see stairlifts on ebay and gumtree etc and on the face of it they do seem very cheap at times but there are a few things that you need to think about before buying one. Who removed it from its last house, were they a registered installer or just someone ‘ripping’ it out? was it damaged in the process? will it be an exact fit to your staircase, and finally who is going to install it and make sure that it is safe for you or your loved ones to use?

Reconditioned stairlifts – This can quite often be the best option of them all as you don’t have the high cost of a brand new stairlift but you do have the piece of mind knowing that the mechanical aspects of the lift have been thoroughly checked and its being installed by a professional making sure its safe to use. its also pretty standard practice to get new rails with. reconditioned installs  which are fitted exactly to your stairs requirements rather than trying to make do with what came with the lift.

Conclusion – if you are dead set on a brand new lift then try and get one with a registered installer local to where you live otherwise we advise reconditioned units are the best option. more often than not they are as good as new, come in a choice of colours like new ones but at a fraction of the cost. Get these installed by a local installation company and you will have no problems at all.

For more information about Stairlifts or to have one of our engineers visit and measure your property then please call us today on 01543 428 585 now to arrange a visit.

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